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The 3 APPLES That Changed the World

As I was watching news early today, the opening line of the news anchor went something like:

“There are 3 APPLES that forever Changed the World:

1.) The APPLE of Adam & Eve;

2.) The APPLE that hit Newton on the head;

3.) The APPLE of Steve Jobs”.

This post will be focusing on a more contemporary “APPLE that Changed the world”…

The world felt a huge loss on the death of a man who forever changed how we use technology today. Steve Jobs, APPLE Company Co-founder, was 56 years old when he finally loss his battle against a rare type of  Pancreatic Cancer last Wednesday. His life story was never a story of persistent success but rather a story of pursuing success as journey not a destination in life. His speech during the Commencement Exercises in Stanford told a wonderful story of a man who was able to “connect-the-dots” for creating gadgets loved by all peoples of the world  and a man who was able to transcend his outlook in life in the face of death. This video is also shared to you by EZ Webber | Inform. Connect. Engage. Take some time to learn and enjoy the full length of this amazing speech.

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